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Mosquitos Houton, Texas

Mosquitos Overview

Mosquitos are best known for their itchy bites and the diseases they carry. There are many ways we can minimize the amount of activity around our homes. Mosquitos are strong fliers and can travel a good distance if necessary. Most flight ranges between 1-3 miles. Some mosquito species have been known to travel up to 7 miles from their breeding spot.

The shelf life of an adult female is about 2-3 weeks, this will vary from one species to the next. One way to begin eliminating activity around your home, is to eliminate their potential breeding areas. Heavy foliage, shrubs and plants are probable breeding areas and will need regular maintenence. Mosquitos not only breed in these areas, but also feed on necter and plant juices.

Additional Breeding Areas:
  • Flower Pots
  • Ponds
  • Bird Bath
  • Old Tires
  • Tin Cans
  • Kids toys left in the rain
  • Standing Water

Anything that can hold water can be an area of concern. Mosquitos are active at dawn and dusk. The female flies into the male swarms to mate. The eggs are then laid on moist soil or accumulated water. The larvae (wigglers) live in water 6 to 14 days depending on the tempurature.

Carbon Dioxide(exhale) is one of the bigger attractants. Mosquitos will react from a distance up to 40 yards and move closer to the source. This makes outdoor activities a challenge and safety measures should be put in place. There are many products you can buy off the shelf. These products do work but can't keep up with an established population.

Control Options:

Monthly Fogging- Mosquito activity can get heavy in the Houston area and their not going away anytime soon. Many homeowners choose a turnkey misting system to protect their yards. These systems are designed to custom fit your yard and your specific needs. Others will choose a more on demand approach or may only need treatment coverage for half the year. Monthly fogging has become very popular in the Houston area. It gives the homeowner/tenant options that a misting system will not.

Benifits of Monthly Mosquito Fogging
  • Peak season March through October
  • Special Occasions
  • Recreation Areas
  • Small monthly payment opposed to one large upfront payment.
  • No system maintenence or refills
  • Rental Home
  • Applied directly to the foliage.

For information about monthly mosquito fogging or a turnkey misting system, contact us for a free on site consultation and see which system is right for you.

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